How to personalize

First, select the custom style you want.

Small metallic letters: They measure 1.5 cm high and are available in gold, silver and black.

Large metallic letters: They measure 3 cm high and are only available in gold.

Hot stamping: These are foil letters stamped with heat. They measure 1 cm high and are available in more than 15 colors, you can see them in the images in the gallery of each product.

Then you will indicate the letters that your product should have. Each product accepts a different number of letters according to its capacity. Extra letters have an extra charge.

Next you will select the color of the letters.

Finally, you will tell us how we should send your letters. If you want them already placed on the product, select the "send all letters placed on the product" option.

If, on the other hand, you do not want us to place the letters and you prefer them separatley, select the option "Send the letters separately"

This last option is convenient for those who buy in bulk and choose the letters separately to personalize the products as their clients require.

If you have selected extra letters, the corresponding extra cost will be added to the price.


Receive a 50% discount on wholesale purchases of 10 items or more.